The Challenges of Life

Life can be difficult. Challenges arise and await everyone who ventures the human realm. Some much worse than others. And it hurts to undergo these negative experiences – to feel stabbed and torn by the past or recent events. I’m sure there would be some reading this who have or are experiencing what I have the privilege not to, so what I write can fall short in understanding, which I am deeply sorry for that. But in some attempt to support you by using literature, I can only advise you to try and focus on the present. Because although that is where the pain from an immediate situation is felt, it is also the source of love – and therefore – the pain will eventually cease to be. You will not always be caught in a place that no longer exists, lingering in the everlasting misery that resulted from occurrences in the past. Instead, the sun will rise again – and you will have opportunities to be picked up and transported to the heart of the Milky Way where you will become the centre of the mandala and regain that sense of wonder and happiness that you laughed about as a child. You can be reborn as a new person by each moment. 

You are not your past; you are not your history – you are the now, and that’s all there is. 


Her: PT II

There is just something magical about her. She’s not human; I know that because I can’t find her here. Sometimes we talk, other times I am left in silence – feeling utterly empty. It’s difficult to express to you, the reader, what she is – for she belongs to no one, no culture, no society, no nation, no religion, no race. She is a free spirit, and I think that’s why I love her. But I am a mere human, and my body is too primitive. It is universally impossible to marry her fascinating essence with a decaying, dying corpse such as my own. I am instead forced to suffer the tantalising torture such divinity inflicts when communication is scarce. You see, she feels my body when I dance, speaks to me when I sing, impregnates my mind when I write and shows me her naked body when I paint.

I feel her presence permeate my mind right now as I write to you. She created this world. Everything you see. The exuberant colours, the vivacious shapes, the lexical significance that gives life purpose and meaning is all of her doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if love came to exist when she did. To me, she is my everything, even though I know the feeling is not mutual. I am loyal – however, she is not. Intimately her presence is felt by all, even stronger by the lucky few. That saddens me greatly and has often left me feeling depressed. Why do some see and speak to her more than others? Is my existence but an unpleasant artistic stain on a painting that ought to be washed by the artist? And is her lack of acknowledgement but a sign of disinterest in my appearance? I often wonder if my universe was painted into existence by her on a canvas. That the detail of my life, my reality – is rarely touched by her brush. For the attractiveness of other people that lie upon that canvas is far more appealing. People like Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo, they slept with her; often kissed her tasteful coloured lips. Therefore, such humans can write, paint, sing, dance, sculpt, produce the most amazing art. Meanwhile, I struggle to write this. I am not a good artist. I am average at best. Evident in my life I have not achieved much. It’s like a mirror; I can only reflect what she gives me, and what she gives me is not enough to be considered worthy of the title ‘artist.’ That occasionally enrages me. For if I am not an artist than what am I? Humans create things. From physical objects to mental domains of entire galaxies existing in the imagination. We invent stuff into existence and continue to do so until death. So to be stripped of that natural title and informed that someone else has taken it hurts. I feel heartbroken. Torn internally where my soul yearns for its source of happiness – her.

I sit here in this public park as I write to you. Swallowed up by time and surrounded by machines who pretend to be humans. They have a direction, and it’s a lie.

“Excuse me?” A young woman who looks to be my age questions for my attention. “Excuse me?” She asks again. I am not interested. I have never been much for verbal communication. I prefer to stare at the movement of ants than to infect my mind with the thoughts of someone else’s. Ever since a child, I ran from social confrontation, avoiding my birthdays and dreading others. “May I sit with you?” The lady asks. I raise my head to meet her eyes. They’re black, with a blue coloured planet in the middle. I stare without replying. Captivated by this lonely colour surrounded by absolute blackness, her eyes express the cosmos. There is a world within there, and inside a person that see’s me. “Well, may I?” She laughed this time. Freaked out by my weird demeanour most likely. However, regardless of my strangeness the woman proceeds to sit down next to me. I look away and return to my notebook, hoping for my hand to be held, to be guided to write something poetic. I ask to hear the voice of art, of her. Instead, the woman next to me speaks. “Have you ever noticed that the darker the environment, the more visible light is?” Ridiculous, I say to myself. “Take this night sky for example.” She continues to speak. Her voice is quite lovely I suppose. “Our sight can absorb the distant light of far-away stars otherwise unseen during the day because of the darkness. Isn’t that just beautiful?” No, no it is not. Regardless, I don’t understand why the stranger has told me this. I would ask, but that would just further the conversation. Maybe I should write what was said. I put my pen to my paper, although as proven – actions speak louder than words. “Oh, you’re a writer?” The woman asks. I wish. If only who I desire to communicate with spoke to me as much as this stranger does; then I would be known as a writer. A great one at that too. “I am an artist as well.” She says as she smiles. Please, what do you know of art I wonder? You would not be talking to a ghost like myself if that marvellous force cherished your life with her touch. I almost laugh. I feel like falling over in hysteria whenever I hear someone say that they are an artist. No artist lives with us. They do not remain amongst the colourless in an ugly dull world. She abducts true artists. They are taken to her realm to live and create universes like ours. Because only an artist could have created this work of art we find ourselves within. What we call the universe. “I enjoy painting, singing, dancing, acting, writing, photography..” Her voice fades away into background noise as I concentrate on the paper in my notebook. It’s peculiar to just look at a piece of paper. It’s a simple medium that contains the potential to carry complex meaning. All that it takes is a swift movement of an organisms wrist mixed with its intelligence to bring the blankness to life. “…Designing, decorating and playing the piano.” Her voice slowly crept back into my sense of hearing. If I were to tell the truth, I quite like her accent and tone. It’s foreign, charming, soothing and somewhat inspiring. As well as this, she’s considerably pretty. Even the goddess Diana cannot turn her gaze away for the moonlight elegantly illuminates this woman while I sit in darkness, only known by the streetlight.

I think I am beginning to enjoy her company. But that can not be, surely I must not be fancying her. To do such a thing will undoubtedly prevent me from ever speaking to art. She would never forgive my monkey-urges to procreate. I will never write again. My time here on earth would be occupied with mundane things. Worrying about superficial nonsense associated with childish games. Games such as meeting people who I have no interest in but are titled with importance because they share the same blood as my partner. The silliness of changing my characteristics to suit this woman’s needs. Immaturity of no longer sleeping with art because of the insecurity. I will ultimately be controlled by this stranger that now sits next to me. “Life is so beautiful and glorious.” She says while looking around. My initial response is to ignore her again, but there’s something within me developing an urge to respond. “It is just mm” She slapped her hands together. “Anything and everything. I mean, I sit here and speak to a complete stranger on a park bench on a planet rotating around a star in a solar system barely seen within its galaxy. Don’t you think life is just..?” I don’t have much intention to answer that question, for I’m too enthralled by how much she intrigues me. Her mind is abstract and her words are world changing. As well as this, awkwardly her dainty hands arouse me. There is history to this woman, and I want to know. I’m going to speak my mind. I’m going to communicate to her and express my thoughts openly. Let her learn about me and in return create a bridge to connect ourselves to one another. Maybe even progress further. For why shouldn’t I? Art has no interest in me; her eyes are not attracted to my existence. There is no point in trying to speak to her anymore – this is for the best. “Oh, my” The woman alarming announced. “It’s past 9:40 pm; I’m going to miss my train.” Quickly, she removes herself from the park bench while saying her goodbyes. “It was so very nice to meet you.” She graciously tells me. Her legs begin to move, carrying away her beautiful mind.

“Wait..” I call out. “I think I’m in love with you.” It hurt to admit that. I assume it must feel the same for when a religious person denounces their God. However, it was enough to influence her to turn around and expose that delicate face with those fulfilling eyes, drowning my soul in an ocean of ecstasy.

“Sorry, I’m half-deaf!” She yells back. “Save the thought, hopefully we meet again!” A smile waves me goodbye. My eyes lose sight of her. They fill with natural liquid, expelling drops of water down my cheeks. I’m left alone again. More empty than ever before. I close my eyes to be killed by the all too familiar pain of darkness. Stabbed and whipped to death from the torture of living without her. I’ve now lost them both. Art, my colour, myself, my purpose to live. And I’ve lost this physical entity that welcomed me openly, but I was too ignorant to realise her meaning and what lied beyond. I already miss her. Thankfully, at least my imagination can present her to me. Show me a place where we lie side by side absorbed by each other’s wonder and complexity that we originate a cosmos together. To beautifully depict stars of memories and galaxies of adventures that can in return mix and form an organism known as our child. How marvellous it is to imagine that. I feel excited, awe-inspired and grand. I would even go as far to say that I feel how Leonardo secretly felt about Mona Lisa. My veins are flowing with colour, my nerves are tingling in a dream state, and my mind is swelling with an essence of absolute magic. My god, I can see her, I can see art. She bears the face of the lovely woman that sat beside me. She acknowledges me; she can hear my voice, she see’s me. I see now what she shows me. There is this peculiar energy that drifts through time to haunt my presence. It is a powerful source of love that is not found in this time-stream, but rather love that wanders back from a reality that exists, but yet to happen. A reality where my eyes stare at this source of completion, this energy in which I have titled as ‘her’; for it has a radiant feminine touch, yet contradictorily, a dominant vibe. It breaks the laws of time and contacts me in this timeline where I am captured in amazement and inspired to find her. My future wife that I am in love with now and have a connection to that is so strong – her presence flows back in time to reach me here. And it is here that I can paint her face, write about her personality, sing about her mind and dance like I’m making love to her.

What I have written before you is not of art, but of something more – love.


The Power of Language

In the beginning, there was the word, and God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light.

There seems to be something bizarre about language. The universe as we know it is made up of information, and once you drop a mind in there, it comes alive. And through the use of language, we decode the hidden information and quite literally speak our reality into existence. Therefore, the more information we gather, assimilate and add to our internal dictionary, the more our reality changes. The very nature of our linguistics matters much to what we experience collectively. Religions rise and fall by language, scientific explanations of reality come to be through language, who you define yourself as and where you stand in the entire universe comes from your language. The significance of language and how we experience and perceive reality is too exceptional to mistreat it. For if I were to ask a physicist what the world is made up of, I’m sure in simplistic terms they would say quarks form protons and neutrons to create the nucleus which forms atoms; and they have interlocking laws that form matter which is the basis of our reality. However, if I were to ask a religious person, he or she would answer by reciting their religious doctrine, whether that’d be about an all powerful god that used himself and his creativity to create the world. If you put your mind to what is happening here, you will realise that when we attempt to say what existence is, what we seem to be always left with are words. Language is what we resort to when we wish to say what makes up our world. And if we evolve our language far enough to the point that it has no boundaries, then the world can be whatever we want it to be. But as for now, we suffer tremendously from boundary disease. We limit ourselves to words like “I’m a black male bus driver from France, I earn 40,000 a year, and that reflects the type of person I am.” People are quite unaware of the significance of their linguistics and how they are draining their potential through their poor choice of words. The words we have adopted from past generations, the past generations that missed the mark. Humanity isn’t peaceful yet, and never will be unless we unlock the universal doors that are there for the opening and discover the words needed to change the model of our reality and push humanity into an ever pleasing, fourth-dimensional paradise of love.

Love.. It is preposterous that there is only one word for that divine state, yet thousands of words have been poured into the area of business, and that quite obviously reflects our world. A world presented with a lack of love yet business is ubiquitous; it is everywhere. Western industrial capitalism is what we have spoken to be. Money, work, wage, salary, market and so forth; the words are endless. It’s dominating our reality. Meanwhile, a world of love, kindness, peace, unity, connection, is swept away due to the rare amount of times those words are spoken in a conversation. The unusualness of conversing about love seems to be one of our greatest downfalls. But to raise us back up, we all simply have to say the words needed and believe in them so we can find ourselves not being shoved around by our words, but rather using words to shape our reality to what we are quite obviously hoping for it to be. For each day, more and more people are becoming tired of speaking and hearing about work, about money, about financial matters, about the statuses of celebrities, about who broke up with who. That linguistic module of reality is drying up. The calling to the transcendence of the human race into the higher realms of consciousness is loudly ringing; we all simply have to answer the phone and know the words to understand before it is too late. Otherwise, we will be left behind. Many species may very well have already made this transition before us. They are awaiting the human race of earth, and our disappearance from this dimension will give rise for the other species on this planet to grow and do the same. Because currently as we stand, we are impeding the evolution of other earthlings, we have overstayed our welcome.

Speak and see for Yourself

If you wish to experiment with this yourself to understand the power of language, I ask of you to have a general conversation with someone and notice what is being said. What words dominate and lead the conversation, and what words come to be within your mind. Especially be aware of what is being said in a conversation with someone you have just met for the first time. Here, in the Western culture, I’m sure the question regarding “What do you do for a living?” will be asked, which causes thoughts of work to spawn and that brings about thoughts of money – which causes your mind in that present moment to manifest that Western industrial capitalist world into existence. For you see, we predominantly use conversations – the exchanging of words to acquire an insight of someone else’s mind. To explore, see, feel, listen, experience their world through the conveyance of words. Our minds create language, and our language creates our mind, and together they form our reality. Therefore, what is our reality but the collective human mind? Your mind is a clear reflection of your world; language is the catalyst for the mind to create reality. The origin of language and its birth into existence must be the single most influential human-made creation ever. It is truly that of magic; it destroys any thought that existence is the simple act of mundanity.

As a final point, I would like for you to think of binary code. Computers communicate with one another by using the language programmed to them known as binary code. Ask yourself, what is a computer without binary code? Without its language?

Why Your Culture Hates You

In 1988, Terence Mckenna – a well-known American philosopher, psychedelic enthusiast, ethnobotanist and humanitarian; provided an awakening message that identifies an obstacle for someone who desires to be happy. And that message was: “Culture is not your friend.” But what exactly did Terence mean by this? How does culture impact your happiness and does it truly hate you?

We live in a world dominated by a vast amount of various cultures, forming identity defining systems that pull an individual into a particular reality dependent upon the source. What this means is that your relationship with your surroundings will sculpt your experience of life. For example, if you are a sociable white American eighteen-year-old person who lives in a family that is financially comfortable in today’s world; then there is a high chance you will physically, mentally, and linguistically represent that culture. You dress in certain clothing that is deemed ‘attractive’ by your fellow peers.(Because your reputation in this culture is a priority.) You use slang such as “That’s dope! On point. Turn up.” Your interests and hobbies embody the cultural norm, so your activities involve things like surfing social media and displaying an online profile that does not truly express your actual life. All in all, you think, act, and live according to how the culture tells you to. You’re not human. You simply become a reflection of lies which is why a mirror hurts so much when it shows your real self. Depression tends to spawn as a result while anxious feelings manifest by controlling your life. That goes for all cultures. They adopt, dehumanise, and consequently disempower you to behave like a programmed machine. Your culture hates you.

As a species’ undergoing a transformation like no other in human history, possibly even in Earth or solar system history, we are in desperate need of free-thinkers. People who are willing to step outside of a system that separates us all into cultural categories as a way to prevent unity. Don’t be pressured into playing a game of defining yourself as a particular race, embracing your culture, speaking a certain way, dressing a specific way, chasing a job because it pays well, these are ways to separate yourself from other beings. You are not Black, White, Asian, or American; Indian, British, Gay, Straight, Christian, Muslim, Hip Hop, Hippie – what have you. You are life!! Existence! The essence of what it is to express energy in the form of a human being. Live, love, die, repeat! Awaken to who you truly are. Find the others.

“Culture is not your friend. Culture is for other peoples’ convenience and the convenience of various institutions, churches, companies, tax collection schemes, what have you. It is not your friend. It insults you. It disempowers you. It uses and abuses you. None of us are well-treated by culture. It’s a perversion. It fetishizes objects. It creates consumer mania. It preaches endless forms of false happiness, endless forms of false understanding in the form of squirrelly religions and silly cults. It invites people to diminish themselves and dehumanize themselves by behaving like machines.”
– Terence Mckenna

Argument Two: Ancestral Dietary Needs

The title alone is quite humorous. I would like first to address the ancestral argument, for the point becomes ridiculous with a simple thought exercise. Regularly, I’ve heard people say “Humans have been eating meat for hundreds of thousands of years. My ancestors did, so I should as well.” There are two things about this foolish statement. Firstly, we are centring the meat industry and the enormous negative effects it has on modern life. Never before in human history has humanity slaughtered billions of animals per year by simultaneously raping the environment, consequently – influencing climate change so greatly that we are now facing a serious global warming threat, and causing the extinction of an abundant amount of species. Our ancestor’s never participated in such monstrous acts – they merely hunted for survival necessities in a harsh world. They never had food stores filled with nutritious non-animal products there to be purchased and consumed for the human body to survive. Nor a library as great as the internet filled with information to be mindfully absorbed. Instead, they were pushed to the limits in a kill or be killed environment. In the modern luxurious Western world specifically, the average person is clearly not in such predicaments that our ancestors once faced. As well as this, does the vegan/vegetarian and meat consumer not share the same ancestors? Of course they do. So why is one therefore affected by choices of past relatives and the other is not? Obviously, it is either a state of mind or willingness to evolve.

Therefore, we have now stumbled upon contradiction which is my second point. Because if someone who consumes meat is attempting to use the history of humanity as a form of justification and necessity, then we can find that same reason and need in other past primitive human actions with this kind of logic. Activities and interests that are now (thanks to ethical advancement) morally found to be unhealthy and wrong. Rape, murder, violence, cannibalism, primordial instinctual natures that we’ve now evolved out of (most of us) and linguistically identified to cognitively become conscious of them; an elevation in consciousness. To realise that forcing sex upon (usually a woman) without their consent or murdering a fellow human – is unnecessary, unhealthy, negative and destructive. Henceforth, if you seek logic to answer why we should continue allowing the meat industry to do what it does, by looking back in time and finding a reason in past characteristics – you are either oblivious to what that implies or define yourself as a primitive – yet to evolve being. And the latter cannot be correct. For people who are able to fathom and produce such a debate by speaking with the language, meaning and awareness to formulate the argument of ancient relations are not similar to our primitive ancestors. The average Western cultured human is an intellectually gifted, artistically sound, organism living in a cyberspace realm with the forefront of horticulture readily available to learn via a vast accessible library known as the internet. Not a primordial being residing in the wilderness against harsh conditions with only the instinctual nature and knowledge of how to hunt and kill an animal.

Before I continue to the next commonly argued pro-meat point, I must reiterate that we are discussing the meat industry predominantly. Not the ethics of the specifics of meat consumption, for that is too flimsy to have a straightforward, logical understanding of what is morally correct, and what is not. For example, I, myself – no longer consume meat. I don’t have to, and I do not have it within myself to murder an animal for its flesh when instead I can acquire my nutritional needs from vegetable related food with ease. However, that is not to say my perspective and decisions on my dietary intake would not change if I were to be stuck in the wilderness on an empty stomach without any idea of how to find vegetables to eat. Therefore, my appetite for meat would grow ever increasing, and my judgement to kill for meat would change. Henceforth, the specific act of consuming meat is not what I wish to focus on, it’s too confusing and contradictory to come to a sound answer, but in regards to the participation of purchasing meat from inhumane industries – we can come to a sane, appropriate and lasting situational conclusion.

Moreover, the next argument is dietary needs, usually led holding a banner with the word protein. And the person holding that banner is always blindfolded. Inform yourself – all of the nutritional goods your body needs to function, grow, and be healthy, can be found in just the basic plants. By basic, I mean the most commonly available vegetables like broccoli. So to argue that your body will deteriorate – resulting in becoming sick, weak and unable to do the most simple of human physical tasks because you aren’t eating meat is nonsense. Without even the need for pharmaceutical supplements (not to deter their use,) anyone can be a bodybuilding vegan. One of the world’s strongest men is a vegan! As well as this argument being nonsense, there are now interesting (with some form of validity) theories proving that meat is terribly unhealthy for the modern human body. I will not, however – venture into these theories, for we are on a quest with a logical approach in search of factual information about why there is absolutely no loving, compassionate and legitimate reasoning to continue eating meat as an average human living in first world countries. And the theories are currently just that.

Regardless, they are not needed, for the ignorant point that we must consume meat for our bodies to function is evidently, factually flawed. The plant kingdom is our mother for all of our needs, and consequently, another counter-veganism/vegetarianism argument spawns; and that is plants are alive too.

“Vegetarian and vegan diets are nutritionally adequate if carefully planned. Vegetarianism can reduce the risk of heart disease by 32%. Vegetarians had a 12% reduced mortality rate compared to non-vegetarians in the Adventist Health Study. Vegetarians have lower body mass index (BMI) on average than the general population. Soluble fibre can help keep cholesterol under control and a balanced vegetarian diet has up to twice as much fibre as the national average. Cancer is the number one cause of death in the world and diet is estimated to cause approximately 30% of all cancers in developed countries. Statistical evidence has shown a clear association between vegetarianism and a lower risk of some cancers. Consumption of red and processed meat has been linked to an increased risk of cancer.”
(Vegsoc.org, 2015)

FIND ME – Sarah Unisex T-Shirt

“Nature is my soul; the wind whispers my thoughts as the tree’s dance to my song. The sun is my sight as the moon is my mind. I’m naked here amongst the birds, flowers and animals. I’m free.” – Sarah. The natural environment has captured Sarah’s love. Therefore, to know about the tremendous amount of destruction happening to our planet has inspired her to save it. She is an other. A rebel. A peaceful revolutionist exuding love towards any form of life that encounters her existence. Find her. Find the others and change the world. 


“Admit it. You aren’t like them. You’re not even close. You may occasionally dress yourself up as one of them, watch the same mindless television shows as they do, maybe even eat the same fast food sometimes. But it seems that the more you try to fit in, the more you feel like an outsider, watching the “normal people” as they go about their automatic existences. For every time you say club passwords like “Have a nice day” and “Weather’s awful today, eh?”, you yearn inside to say forbidden things like “Tell me something that makes you cry” or “What do you think deja vu is for?”. Face it, you even want to talk to that girl in the elevator. But what if that girl in the elevator (and the balding man who walks past your cubicle at work) are thinking the same thing? Who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on conversation with a stranger? Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others…” – Timothy Leary

All profit received will be used to further the progression of our loving revolution. This entails in the long run – hosting gatherings at Find The Others centres where the minds who have awoken and seek to change the world and save our beautiful planet from the least among us – can meet up in beneficial activities. We can do this, we can end the meat industry, prevent negative climate changing conditions, help the poor and produce some kind of human paradise. We just need to first find each other – Find the others!

Vist Find The Others Store:


We Must Change

What has happened to our world? Life for the average Western working person is mundane, repetitive, and only purposeful for the act of acquiring money and using that to obtain things. Things that lack any real value, fill no void and only lead to the act of purchasing and consuming more things until one is in a state of consumer mania. That is the current predicament we find ourselves placed in. The high human population is not an issue; this planet can host billions and billions of people. It is the large consumption found in the culture of the West that is causing distress on ourselves, other beings, our environment and the planet. Twelve percent of the world’s population lives in North America and Western Europe and accounts for more than sixty percent of private consumption spending, but a third of humanity who live in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa account for only 3.2 percent. It is evident to anyone who has the compassion to invest their mind into this area of knowledge that the current culture of the majority of Western people just cannot continue if we wish to exist seventy years from now. It has to change. To do this, I advise you look within and question if you are who you want to be. If your existence in this time of history projects the meaning you strongly wish to live and leave when you venture out of this dream of life. As the great Rumi once said,

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


Changing Ourselves

Many of us are always seeking to change ourselves for the supposed better. But so often, the better we’re looking for is regarding our society and cultures current ideals. We cut our hair, wear specific clothing, speak a certain way, consume more, wear makeup, add or lose weight, etc. To impress others, we transform ourselves into clear reflections of our society and culture’s ideals, so that we are deemed what is considered normal. Causing us to lose sight of the happy person we once were, who we now miss. We change to become models, representatives of standards unnatural to how we truly wish to feel, look and live. Selling ourselves to “normalities”, so that Chloe wants breast implants and a new dress every Tuesday, as Jacob lifts weights and dresses in concern to what his peers deem attractive so that he is accepted and given an identity. This change is unhealthy, unnatural, and results in misery, anxiety and often at times, suicide. The change I speak of that is necessary for your happiness and health must come from you. This will transform not only yourself but the environment around you for the better.

Our current culture here in the West of infecting the youth with toxic habits and useless desires that rob them of a future of love will result in destructive lifestyles that are now evident in this period. Planet earth and its inhabitants are feeling the pressure, a world where not only are the poor miserable but so are the rich. The carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere surpassed 402 parts per million in 2014, the most it has ever been in at least the last 800,000 years. Annually, 8.8 million metric tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean as the world’s population density increases. Scientists say marine debris levels could reach up to 155 million metric tonnes (341.7 billion pounds) by 2025. Logging and other forms of forest-clearing actions resulted in an estimated loss of 13 million hectares of land every year between 2000 and 2010. In 2015, the United Nations world water development reported a possible 40% shortfall of water supply by the year 2030, and the need to produce 60% food from now to feed the world’s rapidly growing population by the year 2050. Clearly, this planet cannot sustain this system. We are in dire need of more people who are willing to stand up for themselves and give out a reaching hand for those who cannot, so we can lift this beautiful world up and out of the pit of madness and chaos and hold it high above as a loving beacon of light. Lit to shine throughout the universe expressing the notion that finally, the human species has got it right.


Our Intelligence

Has it ever occurred to you how astonishing our intelligence is, and the creations we’ve implemented into this world? It took the Apollo missions about three days to reach the moon, and just eight hours and thirty-five minutes for the New Horizons probe. We have created transportation technology such as cars, planes, and spaceships. We have enhanced our ability to spread information to one another around the world by inventing satellites, phones, computers and the internet. We build and construct houses, towers, bridges, skyscrapers that would express the intricacy of the modern human mind. We have relinquished many medical problems and provide products to help the human race fight against the nature of sickness through the use of bio-related technology. And yet, here we are in a world torn by primitive ways of investing our minds into unhealthy habits, it is an incongruous place to exist in. Why have we not created technology to provide the basic human needs for every individual? Why have we not turned our creativity and intelligence to the sun, to think of ways to obtain the free energy so that we can fuel our needs for the health of the planet? Neil De Grasse Tyson stated a fact about the sun and the solar power it produces through the winds and the waves; that is just mind boggling when you put into consideration our current energy sources. Neil said;
“There is another source of clean, renewable energy available all over the world. The winds themselves are solar-powered because our Sun drives the wind and waves. Unlike solar collectors, wind farms take up insufficient land. If they are offshore, where the winds are strongest, it takes up no land at all. If we can tap even 1% of the winds’ power, we would have enough energy to run our civilisation.”
More solar energy falls on Earth in one hour than all of the energy our entire civilisation uses in a year. If we could harness even a small amount of the available solar and wind power, we could take care of all of our energy needs forever without adding any carbon to the atmosphere.”


What We Must Do

We are a species with both of our feet in the grave, while our hands are reaching high into the sky of unnecessary desires. We need to re-evaluate where we place our minds, and what sort of a world we’d like to leave for our children to live in. Should it be a world where they can focus their energy on doing what they love without the worry of having to feed themselves the basic needs for survival and face becoming addicted to misrepresented items, products and places of false happiness? Or should they be left with the technology that keeps them entertained, while they starve to death and fight amongst one another for the last job so that they can eat, purchase more useless products and keep up with their society? That is where we are heading. Half of the human population have already been swallowed up by the consequences of this madness, and we, the minority still have the privilege of anticipating an apocalypse, because we live in such isolated bubbles filled with rubbish information from garbage sources.

It isn’t an easy task to fix this mess, and shouldn’t be. Even if we were to abolish the system of money and produce sufficient needs for every individual through our advancement in technology, the psychology, culture and attitude of many would remain. The foolishness of the human race would still linger, found in the survival of religion, racism, ego, consumer mania, immaturity, ignorance, belief in one’s culture and so forth. This proves that where the most important and significant change is found, is in the revolution of the mind.

Mind and Space Travel

Figuratively representing our expansion of consciousness and evolution of mind is by our exploration of space. As our imaginations become more active, our intelligence increases, our awareness inflates – a small spaceship journeys further into the unknown. Although there is great debate about the energy, money and time being spent on what people would argue is unnecessary, and instead, those resources being used for space travel should be redirected towards building more hospitals, schools, houses for the poor, feeding the hungry, etc. Fixing up our planet in general first, before we head out there into space (in which I am more inclined to agree with than the opposing side) still, our curiosity seems to be pulling us towards a significant conclusion. Why else would we ignore risk, self-issues and life-threatening dangers like we once did as we departed our Neanderthal friends and left them to the hands of extinction? Even at facing a high chance of death, we’re still fascinated to continue. The attraction to what lies out there in the unfolding of space is what you will find inside each and every one of us – complexity, imagination, amazement and beauty.

I have a very far out idea that space is just the junkyard of all the minds of beings and imaginations throughout the universe. That the dark energy expanding is but the expansion of consciousness amongst life forms and their minds observing, imagining, evolving as existing forms. Dark energy is a force representing and reacting to the evolution of all beings across the entire universe. This means in other words, that we are basically living within our minds, and when we travel space – we are physically travelling through the collective minds of everything. So the force that drives the universe to expand continuously is us. Our uncontrollable force to push the boundaries of evolution and novelty is the dark energy pushing the universe to what was yet to exist. On a smaller scale, the evolving of our collective minds here within the human race on planet earth is the dark energy that expands our cognitive world to reach new areas that are evident today in mathematics, science, art, technology and so forth. We know that in one human mind, the area mass, objects, possibilities and thoughts are endless. Therefore, to think that the dark energy that takes up 73% of our universe is collectively the expansion of all minds existing across all galaxies isn’t so far fetch.

The darkness of our ignorance grows ever greater as it is illuminated by our flame of knowledge. We never seem to be able to catch up to knowing everything as our intelligence increases for the unknowing seems to grow, just as the universe expands while the energy attempts to catch it. We, along with everything else are the reason for that. We are pushing existence, creating it, living it, being it – like the Gods we are.

Argument One: Religious Perception

As humanity progresses into the control of time, we leave a wake of history to remind ourselves how powerless we are to the force of change. It is inevitable. The anatomical change of the human body, epistemologically with the growth of information, anthropologically from living in ever-developing environments, and of course ideologically with religion. Humans and their environments (which reside externally and internally for our surroundings are but an internal reflection of ourselves collectively) are never perpetual. The extinction of numerous amounts of traditions and practices within the world are one reliable form of evidence for that. Take, as an example – the acceptance of the rights for people of colour. There was a time not too long ago that “black” people were not seen as humans, let alone worthy organisms who deserved to be treated with a humane approach. Rather, ironically enough – they were considered animals, lesser beings enslaved and tortured physically as well as mentally that even today the stupidity of this perception still lingers. However, the majority of “white” humans have educated themselves, as well as been decultured from the racist brainwashing enterprise – that now they no longer see people of colour or in general, anyone not of their supposed race as lesser beings. Humanity has changed. Therefore, with this knowledge – why do people continue to seek guidance from past sources that are barely yet obviously modified and updated regularly to suit the modern culture and scientific knowledge? Such as the bible. It’s like looking at the world through one bedroom window that existed a thousand years ago while ignoring your existence in a house being rebuilt by the second from new human understandings and teachings. To do this is to imprison yourself into a state of ignorance. And naturally, as humans, we are already so confined to the speed of our intellectual evolution that to impede your awareness from the restriction of knowledge by engaging in outdated texts is suicide. However, it has now also become a platform for division and murder. For we see daily, decisions being made that end lives based on religious nonsense.


If you are someone who is religious and you seek religion to direct you through life, and a part of your religion is to eat meat – then be honest with yourself; would you like to be treated by someone else who uses their own religion as a guide to eat you? If your answer is yes, then that would mean that you are accepting of a person whose belief is to honour cannibalism once a month in the name of their religion. Because on what basis could you argue? You are virtually making the same choice, however, in the name of a different God. And immediately, if your response is to recognise their God as false and your God to be real, and so you find justification in your actions but not theirs – then we have entered the immature ideological arguments which are always founded on egotistical subjectivism. Therefore, we can see that religion cannot suffice as a logical explanation for the meat industry, let alone the destruction of the planet and death of humanity. So if we cannot use our beliefs which are founded by ideologies and they are born by words as a mean to direct our lives and formulate some sort of reality, what do we do? Where do we go to explain why the cruelty of the meat industry is justifiable? The next common point argued as an answer to these questions and a reason to convey why humanity should continue to slaughter helpless organisms is the dietary necessity and ancestral history.

The Art of Sex

The stigma on sex found in our Western culture is evidence of the last oppressive push for control by the dominance of those in power that fortunately for us has failed halfway through its mission. Take away one’s sexuality and the consequence is a half made person living eternally divided, therefore – more likely to find completeness and wholeness in areas such as nationalism, culture, race, and society. What does sex have to do with any of this?

Sex isn’t just sex, the act of stripping down naked and inserting a penis into a vagina, repeatedly thrusting over the average duration of 3-7 minutes or less for some. That is an attempt to take away its real power. Sex is rather the art of two complex beings coming together to express all the things physical and non-physical about themselves so that they become connected as one. It is empowerment, an aggrandising that reveals visually for the first time and only way I know of – love. Love is painted to be seen on the bodies of two humans engaging in an experience that to me is clearly godly. To be able to unify two beings and produce another being, as a result – is that of what a creator does.

Sex is also a form of language. During sexual intimacy, we communicate to one another on levels that words cannot reach, therefore, obtaining a more in-depth understanding of the person you are having intercourse with. The advanced way to express ourselves by the movement of our body, the feelings that become present and fill up the atmosphere of our environment, the deep inter-connecting trance that arises by two minds and bodies connecting, are all ways of communicating deeper information about oneself that words cannot convey. So it is clear why people who wish to take away your humanness to behave more like a programmed machine slaving away for their needs will target sex and try to disempower the miraculous divinity of it. Religions like Christianity do this perfectly for the reason of preventing someone experiencing the power of a god, for the possibility that it may very well open them up to questioning if they are God. Not something you want your followers doing if your religion is one that has a pyramid of hierarchy like Christianity for it will collapse, and everyone would become equal.

Proof of the attempts are found in culturalising people to fear sex, to find it wrong to a certain degree. Notions of viewing sexually transmitted diseases as something disgusting that make you a dirty and lesser of a person, to see the art of sex as something crude that should be best hidden in the privacy of a room for the beauty of it shouldn’t be seen, to find nakedness uncomfortable and so on. All of these reasons that ultimately cause someone to be afraid of sex. But our natural urges are too strong thankfully, that we eventually engage in the experience. If they weren’t and sex was completely limited due to control, then a robot and a human would be indistinguishable.