The Challenges of Life

Life can be difficult. Challenges arise and await everyone who ventures the human realm. Some much worse than others. And it hurts to undergo these negative experiences – to feel stabbed and torn by the past or recent events. I’m sure there would be some reading this who have or are experiencing what I have the privilege not to, so what I write can fall short in understanding, which I am deeply sorry for that. But in some attempt to support you by using literature, I can only advise you to try and focus on the present. Because although that is where the pain from an immediate situation is felt, it is also the source of love – and therefore – the pain will eventually cease to be. You will not always be caught in a place that no longer exists, lingering in the everlasting misery that resulted from occurrences in the past. Instead, the sun will rise again – and you will have opportunities to be picked up and transported to the heart of the Milky Way where you will become the centre of the mandala and regain that sense of wonder and happiness that you laughed about as a child. You can be reborn as a new person by each moment. 

You are not your past; you are not your history – you are the now, and that’s all there is. 


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