The Power of Language

In the beginning, there was the word, and God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light.

There seems to be something bizarre about language. The universe as we know it is made up of information, and once you drop a mind in there, it comes alive. And through the use of language, we decode the hidden information and quite literally speak our reality into existence. Therefore, the more information we gather, assimilate and add to our internal dictionary, the more our reality changes. The very nature of our linguistics matters much to what we experience collectively. Religions rise and fall by language, scientific explanations of reality come to be through language, who you define yourself as and where you stand in the entire universe comes from your language. The significance of language and how we experience and perceive reality is too exceptional to mistreat it. For if I were to ask a physicist what the world is made up of, I’m sure in simplistic terms they would say quarks form protons and neutrons to create the nucleus which forms atoms; and they have interlocking laws that form matter which is the basis of our reality. However, if I were to ask a religious person, he or she would answer by reciting their religious doctrine, whether that’d be about an all powerful god that used himself and his creativity to create the world. If you put your mind to what is happening here, you will realise that when we attempt to say what existence is, what we seem to be always left with are words. Language is what we resort to when we wish to say what makes up our world. And if we evolve our language far enough to the point that it has no boundaries, then the world can be whatever we want it to be. But as for now, we suffer tremendously from boundary disease. We limit ourselves to words like “I’m a black male bus driver from France, I earn 40,000 a year, and that reflects the type of person I am.” People are quite unaware of the significance of their linguistics and how they are draining their potential through their poor choice of words. The words we have adopted from past generations, the past generations that missed the mark. Humanity isn’t peaceful yet, and never will be unless we unlock the universal doors that are there for the opening and discover the words needed to change the model of our reality and push humanity into an ever pleasing, fourth-dimensional paradise of love.

Love.. It is preposterous that there is only one word for that divine state, yet thousands of words have been poured into the area of business, and that quite obviously reflects our world. A world presented with a lack of love yet business is ubiquitous; it is everywhere. Western industrial capitalism is what we have spoken to be. Money, work, wage, salary, market and so forth; the words are endless. It’s dominating our reality. Meanwhile, a world of love, kindness, peace, unity, connection, is swept away due to the rare amount of times those words are spoken in a conversation. The unusualness of conversing about love seems to be one of our greatest downfalls. But to raise us back up, we all simply have to say the words needed and believe in them so we can find ourselves not being shoved around by our words, but rather using words to shape our reality to what we are quite obviously hoping for it to be. For each day, more and more people are becoming tired of speaking and hearing about work, about money, about financial matters, about the statuses of celebrities, about who broke up with who. That linguistic module of reality is drying up. The calling to the transcendence of the human race into the higher realms of consciousness is loudly ringing; we all simply have to answer the phone and know the words to understand before it is too late. Otherwise, we will be left behind. Many species may very well have already made this transition before us. They are awaiting the human race of earth, and our disappearance from this dimension will give rise for the other species on this planet to grow and do the same. Because currently as we stand, we are impeding the evolution of other earthlings, we have overstayed our welcome.

Speak and see for Yourself

If you wish to experiment with this yourself to understand the power of language, I ask of you to have a general conversation with someone and notice what is being said. What words dominate and lead the conversation, and what words come to be within your mind. Especially be aware of what is being said in a conversation with someone you have just met for the first time. Here, in the Western culture, I’m sure the question regarding “What do you do for a living?” will be asked, which causes thoughts of work to spawn and that brings about thoughts of money – which causes your mind in that present moment to manifest that Western industrial capitalist world into existence. For you see, we predominantly use conversations – the exchanging of words to acquire an insight of someone else’s mind. To explore, see, feel, listen, experience their world through the conveyance of words. Our minds create language, and our language creates our mind, and together they form our reality. Therefore, what is our reality but the collective human mind? Your mind is a clear reflection of your world; language is the catalyst for the mind to create reality. The origin of language and its birth into existence must be the single most influential human-made creation ever. It is truly that of magic; it destroys any thought that existence is the simple act of mundanity.

As a final point, I would like for you to think of binary code. Computers communicate with one another by using the language programmed to them known as binary code. Ask yourself, what is a computer without binary code? Without its language?


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