Argument One: Religious Perception

As humanity progresses into the control of time, we leave a wake of history to remind ourselves how powerless we are to the force of change. It is inevitable. The anatomical change of the human body, epistemologically with the growth of information, anthropologically from living in ever-developing environments, and of course ideologically with religion. Humans and their environments (which reside externally and internally for our surroundings are but an internal reflection of ourselves collectively) are never perpetual. The extinction of numerous amounts of traditions and practices within the world are one reliable form of evidence for that. Take, as an example – the acceptance of the rights for people of colour. There was a time not too long ago that “black” people were not seen as humans, let alone worthy organisms who deserved to be treated with a humane approach. Rather, ironically enough – they were considered animals, lesser beings enslaved and tortured physically as well as mentally that even today the stupidity of this perception still lingers. However, the majority of “white” humans have educated themselves, as well as been decultured from the racist brainwashing enterprise – that now they no longer see people of colour or in general, anyone not of their supposed race as lesser beings. Humanity has changed. Therefore, with this knowledge – why do people continue to seek guidance from past sources that are barely yet obviously modified and updated regularly to suit the modern culture and scientific knowledge? Such as the bible. It’s like looking at the world through one bedroom window that existed a thousand years ago while ignoring your existence in a house being rebuilt by the second from new human understandings and teachings. To do this is to imprison yourself into a state of ignorance. And naturally, as humans, we are already so confined to the speed of our intellectual evolution that to impede your awareness from the restriction of knowledge by engaging in outdated texts is suicide. However, it has now also become a platform for division and murder. For we see daily, decisions being made that end lives based on religious nonsense.


If you are someone who is religious and you seek religion to direct you through life, and a part of your religion is to eat meat – then be honest with yourself; would you like to be treated by someone else who uses their own religion as a guide to eat you? If your answer is yes, then that would mean that you are accepting of a person whose belief is to honour cannibalism once a month in the name of their religion. Because on what basis could you argue? You are virtually making the same choice, however, in the name of a different God. And immediately, if your response is to recognise their God as false and your God to be real, and so you find justification in your actions but not theirs – then we have entered the immature ideological arguments which are always founded on egotistical subjectivism. Therefore, we can see that religion cannot suffice as a logical explanation for the meat industry, let alone the destruction of the planet and death of humanity. So if we cannot use our beliefs which are founded by ideologies and they are born by words as a mean to direct our lives and formulate some sort of reality, what do we do? Where do we go to explain why the cruelty of the meat industry is justifiable? The next common point argued as an answer to these questions and a reason to convey why humanity should continue to slaughter helpless organisms is the dietary necessity and ancestral history.


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