The Art of Sex

The stigma on sex found in our Western culture is evidence of the last oppressive push for control by the dominance of those in power that fortunately for us has failed halfway through its mission. Take away one’s sexuality and the consequence is a half made person living eternally divided, therefore – more likely to find completeness and wholeness in areas such as nationalism, culture, race, and society. What does sex have to do with any of this?

Sex isn’t just sex, the act of stripping down naked and inserting a penis into a vagina, repeatedly thrusting over the average duration of 3-7 minutes or less for some. That is an attempt to take away its real power. Sex is rather the art of two complex beings coming together to express all the things physical and non-physical about themselves so that they become connected as one. It is empowerment, an aggrandising that reveals visually for the first time and only way I know of – love. Love is painted to be seen on the bodies of two humans engaging in an experience that to me is clearly godly. To be able to unify two beings and produce another being, as a result – is that of what a creator does.

Sex is also a form of language. During sexual intimacy, we communicate to one another on levels that words cannot reach, therefore, obtaining a more in-depth understanding of the person you are having intercourse with. The advanced way to express ourselves by the movement of our body, the feelings that become present and fill up the atmosphere of our environment, the deep inter-connecting trance that arises by two minds and bodies connecting, are all ways of communicating deeper information about oneself that words cannot convey. So it is clear why people who wish to take away your humanness to behave more like a programmed machine slaving away for their needs will target sex and try to disempower the miraculous divinity of it. Religions like Christianity do this perfectly for the reason of preventing someone experiencing the power of a god, for the possibility that it may very well open them up to questioning if they are God. Not something you want your followers doing if your religion is one that has a pyramid of hierarchy like Christianity for it will collapse, and everyone would become equal.

Proof of the attempts are found in culturalising people to fear sex, to find it wrong to a certain degree. Notions of viewing sexually transmitted diseases as something disgusting that make you a dirty and lesser of a person, to see the art of sex as something crude that should be best hidden in the privacy of a room for the beauty of it shouldn’t be seen, to find nakedness uncomfortable and so on. All of these reasons that ultimately cause someone to be afraid of sex. But our natural urges are too strong thankfully, that we eventually engage in the experience. If they weren’t and sex was completely limited due to control, then a robot and a human would be indistinguishable.


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