Why we Feel Depressed, Anxious, and Suicidal

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide. That is about one death every 40 seconds or 3,000 per day. For each individual who does succeed in taking his or her life, at least 20 others attempt to do so. Suicide has a global mortality rate of 16 per 100,000 people. For someone to feel the need to end their life, let alone this many people – it obviously reflects how wrong we have it as a species. How terrible this world we have created must be, that someone would want to leave it purposely.

I suppose if we’re honest, we would admit that most of us are not happy at all with ourselves. Maybe it’s because of the way you look, or where you are in life, your financial situation, or maybe it’s just because of how you are as a person in general. You become consumed by the ocean of depression. Drowning predominantly in substances that can cause sensory deprivation such as alcohol, you consistently look for different ways to escape from yourself. It’s why you watch movies, play video games, listen to music, to forget who you are for just that moment so that you can breathe. But no matter how hard you try, you’ll always come to, and return to the very person that you hate; yourself. And it is here, that depression can become so severe, it gets to the point that losing yourself becomes impossible. Allowing thoughts of death by suicide to wander throughout your mind until one day, you do it. That way you no longer have to endure the suffering that depression brings to your life. You make a decision.

I find it interesting about how many of us do suffer from depression, especially within the youth. It’s a clear indication to me that the world we have created is completely toxic for everyone and everything. For how is it possible that a fourteen-year-old would feel the need to go home and commit suicide? And for us to still think that we are heading in the right direction as species, to be proud of humanity. Being young is a time where you should feel free, captivated by the magnificence of existence and chasing the wonders of love! Instead, many of us are filled with this constant judgment, a raging battle where you are caught having a conversation with yourself about whether you’re doing the right thing, or if things will go the right way. It is honestly nonsense.

You cannot make a mistake, believe me; nothing can go wrong, fundamentally. Of course, however, you can, and most likely will make a mistake when it comes to this game we’ve created. You may very well get nervous and panic when you have to talk to someone, so you mumble your words as you stutter and make yourself feel terrible for you’re trying to speak with consideration to what is supposedly the “correct way.” And so it becomes favourable for you to hide away and avoid such situations. Social anxiety. Because society has rules, shared common characteristics traits in which you’ve been educated on and must live by to be labelled what we consider normal. But see, you’re struggling to adapt to these rules and transform yourself because, after all, you’re human, not a machine to be programmed. So you become anxious because you really want to get it right. You want to be accepted and fit in and be identified because that’s what society gives you, a false identity. And if you’re struggling with this game, you get stricter and stricter on yourself. You start having conversations in your head to prepare for a particular situation. You evaluate all of your decisions; you tremble with anxiety, you correct every “fault” you have or make that goes against what is apparently right. You judge everything about you and beat yourself up until you conform, and eventually, you become non-human. You become a representation, a reflection, a regurgitation of your society. You’re not beautiful anymore; you’re not spontaneous and unique, you’re just a reproduction of the last person I met from your society. You’ve masked this beautiful, loving, playful energy that is being expressed as a human being with instead this structured, ugly, hideous, fake plastic type identity. And this is what you get anxious about? This is why you stress, struggle and feel depressed? To become something you’re not? To be someone you’re not? You see everyone else striving to become this ideal product of their environment, you know, their societies ideal view of beauty, intelligence, fashion, one’s self-image. And it’s all so that they can sell themselves, to get friends, jobs, join groups, etc. It’s a game that has no rewards. And you’re part of it. You are so invested in it that you trouble yourself to become something that dehumanises you. A puppet being pulled around on strings by your society and culture. Cut the strings, be free.

I want you to remember that to simply exist as you are is to manifest the entire universe in the form of a human being. Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with you whatsoever – nothing to cry about. However, the human game will tell you otherwise. It will label you, categorise you, push you into submission until you conform to the socially constructed norms and become someone that you’re not. Remind yourself that the REAL you is bigger than that. The real you is as beautiful as the stars above, as vast as entire galaxies and as captivating as the expansion of space. You are all divine.


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