Interstellar Traversing Aliens May Be Unlike Anything you can Imagine

The thought of intelligent extraterrestrials travelling through the magnificence of space has impregnated the curious minds of many.

We search for them. Different fields of study and interest are evidence for that. For example, according to some groups within the ufology community, they have actually impregnated our civilisation and are living amongst us. Other relatable beliefs include humanity being a kind of alien “science” experiment, where our ancestral pre-homo sapiens form underwent a radical biological change at the hands of a foreign intelligent species, and thus humans were created. Therefore, in this area, you look for them here within your society or government. Furthermore, we also take a more scientific approach and look for not necessarily space traversing species – but for signs that we may not be alone in the universe. NASA Kepler mission is on a journey to identify planets that can give credence to this possibility by relating a planet’s circumstances to the habitable zone we have come to know as the goldilocks zone (distance from the star it orbits, size, etc.)

So far, Kepler’s findings have included 30 exoplanets that are less than twice the size of Earth, and are within the known habitable zone. (Johnson, M. (2017, 08, 4th – National Aeronautics and Space Administration. How many exoplanets has Kepler discovered? As well as this, there are 4,496 candidate exoplanets – and 2,337 confirmed exoplanets. Isn’t it incredible just to think about other life forms that may live, or have lived on these planets? And what if they are ancient civilisations, billions of years old and have conquered the travelling of space-time? To think about this, I would like to put forth an unorthodox philosophical thought relative to the notion that we are not alone in the universe (let alone our galaxy) and there are others – more intelligent, conscious, evolved – who are aware of our species here on our little blue and green marble.

In my opinion, the idea that advanced extraterrestrials can be seen, communicated with and understood, lacks any rational thinking. If we are speaking about non-earthly beings who have transcended whether it be biological, spiritually or cognitively – to a level that they can travel a galaxy, let alone the universe – then we are talking about organisms far more advanced than us that even our imaginations cannot comprehend them.  You see, we are a third-dimensional species that somewhat has a foot in the fourth dimension, for we are aware of “time” even though it is human-made, we are still restricted to the concept. We are yet to physically travel our solar system, understand our origins, know much of our planet – fix the troubling mess of our world with the existence of money. We still have religions, treat language without any respect, treat our fellow earthlings without any respect, still have pretentious, arrogant, obnoxious – egotistical views that humanity is superior and far more intelligent than other earthlings such as plants. To assume to know about species such as “grey aliens” and “reptilians;” how they look, speak, act, their motives, desires, characteristics, origins, technology and so forth, is quite ignorant. If a being is not from earth – who’s to say that they’re even made of matter? They may very well be made of elements/compounds we have no idea about, yet to discover. Let’s take, for example, our neighbours here on Earth, even some of whom we share a percentage of DNA with. They are completely unaware of the human world – our politics, affairs, academic advancements, language and ultimately our reality. However, they live right beside us, with the same earthly environment and chemical makeup. So to know of, or understand – let alone imagine an intellectual alien living in a higher dimension is just not possible.

Our thoughts on extraterrestrials are so culturally bounded and limited, influenced by multiple sources such as friends, family, media, movies, the internet and TV shows – that you formulate and project these images within your mind of what these species look like and their personalities. You need to take a step out of that cultural programming to begin theorising and thinking of possibilities. Firstly, admit you know nothing.



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