Introduction to Life; End the Meat Industry Part II

Think about the circumstances we and every living being are faced with as we roam this planet in an attraction to stay alive.

We grew out of and live in an organic spaceship flying through an ever expanding universe that formulated Earth while we are awestruck by the force of love and have the ability to dream anything we can imagine. Additionally, the galaxy that whirlpools our little blue and green orb around in a spiral with all of the other stars and planets – is but a spec to the grand view of the universe. Yet, here everything is, dancing with the invention of language to communicate with fellow specimens, nature – or themselves – which progresses evolution and consequently creates realities to be engulfed by.

Specifically regarding humanity, (for I speak the human language, limited with a human understanding that exposes me to a particular human world) we support vast edifices on a variety of ideologies that evidently enough in today’s world – we have become torn. From the petty issues about whether you’re deemed attractive enough by your fellow peers, to more serious life debilitating problems such as being segregated due to the colour of your skin or forcefully being denied access to bare your feet on “foreign” land because of your nationality.

Born out of words and cemented with belief, (illusory) realities flourish which affect the happiness of the individual, the life they will live, and the lives of others who live within their physical domain. Therefore, the importance to elevate your consciousness by becoming more aware of what you believe in, which can be dissected by your linguistics – is of tremendous use if you seek enjoyment in life. However, this can only be accomplished if you truly assimilate in the knowledge of how you are subjected to particular cultures and religions. Even the information I am writing right now for it to be transported through words and picked up by your eyes to be read is a cause of forming a reality for you to project – if you are willing to believe that I am right. For I am basing the fact that beliefs, ideologies, customs, traditions, ultimately egotistical identities – are all meaningless and non-existent without words. Like a computer yet to be programmed with binary language to display a picture, we as humans are conditioned and taught to believe in particular “wrongs” and “rights” so we can experience some sort of reality. However, to provide evidence that I am correct – you can find it in my position of being neither right nor wrong. For if words create realities, which includes the belief that they do, then you can experiment with it by not thinking, therefore not speaking. But in doing so, you are stuck in a paradoxical state for without words you cannot formulate the reality to prove that I am wrong or right. Henceforth, reality comes to be when you return to language.

Now, in regards to the consumption of meat, how it is obtained, and the effects it has on the human body – the language involved in modern society about such a significant topic is limited. That is why I feel the need to write about the meat industry and address the total situation. Not just the terrible suffering involved that the poor organisms have to endure for reasons without sense, but the common knowledge involved in modern culture and therefore the general words by the majority of people governing the prevailing reality. For example, there is a vast difference between using the word “steak” and “the flesh of a sensitive, alert cow that sought to live but was slaughtered for its meat that now sits upon your plate.” Such as if a human is murdered by the hands of a cannibal for food, there is a difference between “human meat” and “the flesh of a complex animal filled with dreams, aspirations and grand cognitive intelligence.” Take this one example on the effects of language and your reality – ultimately decided upon your consciousness – and you have realised how important it is that you inform yourself if you desire to be happy. Because allowing your culture or religion which in most cases is forcefully handed to you since birth (pre-language) you have become a puppet being pulled around by strings. Adopting what specific ideologies have to say so that your short existence as a human is directed and shackled to a path all the way into a grave. And there you will have a cement brick – a tombstone written by them about who you were and what little magic you experienced while you existed.

You see, your life is written by the words you learn, and your experience sculpted by the meaning they possess – and your environment is reflective of your vocabulary. Collectively, humanity’s language has helped create and influence an environment where fifty-six billion animals are slaughtered per year for taste, resulting in deforestation, ocean dead zones, human starvation in the east, human ill health in the west, global warming, poverty, water depletion, species extinction, and severe pollution. That is the situation. To change this, we must learn about the meaning of the words vegetarianism and veganism – organic diets as well as philosophise about human origins, our relationship with animals, earth, and the universe.

There is only one logical argument that a consumer of the meat industry has; which is that they are simply against life and in favour of destruction.



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