Power To The Feminine

When something is not equally stable, problems are more likely to arise. This is what I believe the state of male and female influence on our world to be in. There is a significant lack of female input in this world, from politics to business, to relationships and personal development – resulting in a world of male dominance.

To address what I am about to write, I will be forced to generalise the male nature of most. And it is not to say that the nature of men is utterly negative, no, but rather an imbalance of the feminine counterpart due to females in so many different societies and cultures being suppressed and oppressed by the modern world in so many different ways has caused negative consequences. Those negative consequences entail an amplified reflection of the collective male ego – the physical domination of this planet for the purpose of attaining things like power, status, position, through barbaric acts such as war. A shift of power to females as a way to balance the influences of our human world is to me, quite the right path to take so that the future generations can live in an enjoyable world.

Women have for too long suffered inequality and abuse of their human rights to just continue going along life ignoring it. The world is beginning to reflect. We are in need of more females and males to rise and stand not only for themselves or for the female gender, but for the human race and ultimately the planet itself.

In politics here in Australia, only 22.8 percent of all national parliamentarians are women, roughly the same percentage of females in Congress in America. In regards to earning money, most jobs that females find themselves in are childcare related or assistant type jobs, not much of a position to have your say on the progression of the culture in your country. And it is interesting to know that secretary and administrative assistants are one of the most popular female jobs, a sort of meme to represent females in a position lower as assistants for the person or people above. Notably, in Australia, the average Australian woman has to work an extra 66 days a year to earn the same pay as the average man.

Being born in a culture like what is present today, that is heavily male influenced will psychologically cause one to form beliefs and prejudices about the position that females have. This is due to not assimilating in a culture where it is balanced by both men and women influences, therefore, not obtaining compassion and forming a connection to the feminine. This has contributed to the appalling situation of the treatment of women by men in many different environments. Rape, physical and verbal abuse, derogation, etc. These are all a part of the consequences of having an imbalanced world where the dominance of male influence is too immense. I am not against males. If the tables were turned and the nature of males was to be suppressed, causing an imbalance that would greatly negatively affect this planet as much as the lack of feminine qualities has – then this topic would be titled power to the masculine.

The act of empowering women can make a positive change to our planet, and it is possible by informing the yet to be brainwashed that there is another gender of the human race who resides here, that deserves as much love, compassion, and respect as the other. It is our inability to stand for what is morally right to each and every one of us; that is causing our downfall as a species. The continuation of the aggressive dominance towards our planet can be alleviated by feminine qualities. To do this, women must be empowered.


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