Meditation: A Brief Summary of the Essentials

To be in touch with the now can be achievable through a form of meditation. By centralising one’s mind on the specifics of a natural experience, such as the art of walking, you will soon realise that your mind will be captivated by the movement of walking, resulting in your thoughts quieting down, leaving you entirely in the felt moment – the eternal now. The importance of quieting the mind is purposeful for one’s sanity, for a mind bubbling with thoughts constantly will lead to what we have come to know as anxiety, and anxiety can be a disturbing experience to undergo for any being who wishes to enjoy the wonders of life.


The Essentials of Meditation

The essentials of practising the art of meditation are simply to be alert, attentive to what is happening in the felt moment, and the easiest way to achieve this for beginners is to listen. Close your eyes and hear the sounds occurring around you and in you. By doing just this – you will be exposed to how deeply addicted you are to identifying nature with the titles, concepts, and ideas that have been given to you by language. Notice that if you are to hear a bird chirp, you will automatically identify that sound belonging to what we know as a bird, and therefore the sound is not completely heard for you are distracted by allowing your mind to take control and focus on your knowledge of what birds are. Let your mind do that peacefully. Do not try to control it, for that will do nothing but cause an unnatural disturbance of force, exactly what you are trying not to achieve. Leave your mind to wander, observe it, listen to your thoughts just as you are listening to the outside world and eventually it will quiet itself. You will get back into touch with the sounds around you, and you will hear them as you’ve never heard them before. You will alter your state of consciousness, exposing yourself to new experiences of life.

“A person who thinks see’s life in meaning by words; never do they know what a tree looks like in its true form.”


Where We Are

We always seem to be half awake and half asleep. Half awake and responsive to life, half asleep thinking in regards to the occurrences we undergo every day or dreaming of experiences, places, people – things completely unrelated to the present moment. I believe we should be totally in tune to either one of these states, for it will allow us to entertain experiences entirely for what they really are. With this knowledge, peculiar thoughts arise. Questions about the realities we are unaware of due to our current state of consciousness.


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