The Thought of the Universe

There is an idea that the universe was thought of into existence and continues to be. Our evolution of thinking is by far the most peculiar for it is the source that entails all of our creations, and it continues to evolve. The essence of thoughts seems to imply creation, as thinking is the essence of a creator. How far can we go with the phenomenon of thinking? As we are now, thinking is restricted to one’s own mind but can be extracted with language by use of sound waves so that other people can hear what you have to think.

Power of Thinking

The power of the ability to think attracts me to wonder about its possibilities and what it will become a thousand years from now if the human race still exists. We can already create planets, stars, galaxies, and so forth within our minds by thinking about them, imagining them, and I do not see the difference of realness between that reality and this; aside from one seeming to last longer – the world of thoughts. We always seem to be thinking, which as a consequence leaves each and every one of us living in a world of thought. And when we stop to a certain degree, such as through the practice of a form of meditation – the universe we know no longer exists, life as we know it becomes more of a direct experience. It becomes tricky when we take into consideration what thinking is, such as what takes place for a thinker that has no language? Or a living entity that we humans are unaware as to what it’s like to live as such a form, like trees for example. If the universe is an expansion of thought, brought into existence by thinking, then what of the living entities such as trees and plants that think in a different way to humans? Thinking does not necessarily mean to have information stored in the brain ready to be of use. Information, as proven in multiple life forms, can be stored in different parts of the body. Take plants for example; a plant can communicate with itself to produce flowers or scents through the use of their cellular, physiological and environmental states. For this theory, we need not be limited by our knowledge as to what thinking is and rather be open to question its possibilities. Thoughts themselves should not just be defined in regards to thinking with language, for occasionally I have odd feelings about certain situations that do not come from my stored knowledge, but rather naturally develop from other sources such as instinctual nature, and I define those as thoughts as well. In other words, I associate any communication as a form of thinking which produces thoughts, such as your emotions and feelings. This ties in beautifully with language making up our reality, for thoughts and thinking seem to be the blueprints of a house as language implements the building blocks to concretise the house to make it real and create what we have come to know as our reality, our house. The universe seems to be an expansion of thought, thinking spawned forth from either an unknown source, like a type of creator; or a different reason in which we are yet to evolve thinking and language far enough to realise such a possibility or idea.

The Universe is a Physical Representation of our Minds

Figuratively representing our expansion of consciousness and evolution of mind is by our exploration of space. As our imaginations become more active, our intelligence increases, our awareness inflates – a small spaceship journeys further into the unknown. Although there is great debate about the energy, money and time being spent on what people would argue is unnecessary, and instead, those resources being used for space travel should be redirected towards building more hospitals, schools, houses for the poor, feeding the hungry, etc. Fixing up our planet in general first, before we head out there into space, in which I am more inclined to agree with than the opposing side. Still, our curiosity seems to be pulling us towards a significant conclusion. Why else would we ignore risk, self-issues and life-threatening dangers like we once did as we departed our Neanderthal friends and left them to the hands of extinction? Even at facing a high chance of death, we’re still fascinated to continue.

The attraction to what lies out there in the unfolding of space is what you will find inside each and every one of us – complexity, imagination, amazement and beauty. I have this idea that space is just the junkyard of all the minds of beings and imaginations throughout the universe. That the dark energy expanding is but the expansion of consciousness amongst life forms and their minds observing, imagining, thinking, evolving as existing forms. Dark energy is a force representing and reacting to the evolution of all beings across the entire universe. This means, in other words, that we are basically living within our minds, and when we travel space, we are physically travelling through the collective minds of everything. So the force that drives the universe to expand continuously is us. Our uncontrollable force to push the boundaries of evolution and novelty is the dark energy pushing the universe to what was yet to exist. On a smaller scale, the evolving of our collective minds here within the human race on planet earth is the dark energy that expands our cognitive world to reach new areas that are evident today in mathematics, science, art, technology and so forth. We know that in one human mind, the area mass, objects, possibilities and thoughts are endless. Therefore, to think that the dark energy that takes up 73% of our universe is collectively the expansion of all minds existing across all galaxies isn’t so absurd. The darkness of our ignorance grows ever greater as it is illuminated by our flame of knowledge. We never seem to be able to catch up to knowing everything as our intelligence increases for the unknowing seems to grow, just as the universe expands while the energy attempts to catch it. We, along with everything else are the reason for that. We are pushing existence, creating it, living it, being it – like the Gods we are.


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