Introduction to Life; End the Meat Industry

I cannot recall being born, nor the process of my fetus life formulating and growing organic features like limbs to prepare myself for the transition out of one universe and into another. I assume you cannot either, no one can. It’s a strange thought; I see no difference when it comes to thinking about what it was like to be dead for the past billions of years. The memory is non-existent, the experience is gone. And to now awaken from nothing and twenty-two years later become an English speaking Australian male who lives in a lower middle-class white family is quite funny. But that is the world I have been born into, adopted – and exposed to which lies for a very brief moment somewhere in between beyond and before human life.

Why I write about such matters is to evoke the abnormality and connection that we all share. Here we all are, collectively perceiving a reality mindfully as our naturalistic systems burn out like a comet fueling its travels through space. Moreover, the profound significance that stood upon our world bearing parents shoulders who introduce us to life was incredible. All of our elders laid the platform that has sculpted our experiences as humans. Our chance to live and thrive rested in their palms. Knowing this, it indicates that the torch passes on into our hands, and we too become the midwives for the next generation. Although, recently in the past few hundreds of years, especially in the past one hundred – we have begun introducing billions of species into the world. The world that we have created. The dominant human engine mechanicalizing a planet that consumes all living things that cannot keep up with its industrial advancements. On top of this, the creators are their creation. The devouring machine that causes deforestation, pollution, environmental destruction, etc. – is simply a reflection of the originator’s traits. Culture, diet, interests, information, all round we are fueled by a great desire to consume. That is not to say it’s fundamentally negative, after all – the hunger for knowledge by curiosity has helped design the intricate beauty of humanity’s intellect. However, when the consumption directs to a point where it is not only harmful to others but self-harming as well, we have reached a point of confusion. Like a snake that grows so large in a confined area, it begins eating its tail in the deluded belief that it was something necessary to live.

What I am getting at is that in every moment, there are billions of life-forms relying on the living to bring them into the world where they can thrive. Just as we so naturally and trustingly relied on our parents to do for us when we were just a fetus and then born as a human baby into an undoubtedly foreign world. Therefore, in the wake of this – you realise the significance of your role as a human adult. How powerful your position is in the context of the life of the yet to be born and the young. So to breed a life-form out of the unknown and into a world to be slaughtered and consumed for unnecessary reasons such as “I like the taste the meat” is monstrous. As well as this, just like the snake – it is obvious confusion. For the situation of the meat industry does not only entail the death of animals, but it involves dramatic ramifications to the planet, an individual’s health – and the human race as a whole.

There are plenty of other beings who roam this planet with us. They do not speak our languages, understand our interests, share our knowledge and intellectual capabilities; But they feel and experience life just as much as we do. So show them love, not hate. Look after their environment, just as you would like someone to look after yours. And treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve; which does not include the raping of their homes to construct lifeless structures, nor does it include the countless inhumane killings for superficial reasons. Research, learn, question – make a decision about what impact you want to make while you walk this physical plane.


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