Find The Others – Future Meetups

We all share this idea of creating a peaceful world through the act of love and unity. For humanity to communicate with one another undivided, logically, openly – and address topics/issues that are significant to the health of every being (not just humans.) Essentially to awaken others from a reality of delusion where people step on top of one another for an egotistical game that only leads to misery and further division. That is the idea. It is now only a matter of speaking it into existence.

Therefore, in time – Find The Others will host meetups around the world. They will ultimately be daily gatherings, where you can travel to a Find The Others facility and partake in discussion classes Mon-Fri. These classes will vary in subjects – from mental health, society and culture, art, philosophy, yoga, veganism, love, mindfulness and much more. Predominantly focusing on self-development. Come weekends, we will manage outdoor parties lit up by beautiful scenery that exudes magic, as opposed to the dark, hostile-like environments you find in modern night clubs that reflect a place of egotistical nonsense. We will dance, we will sing, we will express ourselves freely and discuss how we can change the world and save the planet. When these social gatherings happen, our revolution consequently takes another step. For us to come together and connect our minds in an environment that encourages wonder, hope, love, and magic, we will no doubt leave a mark in history.

Find the others is a movement that exists within the collective unconscious human mind. To destroy it is only possible by the eradication of all human life. Anyone can understand the revolution by imagining. And most do. By dreaming of a world where we use our intelligence to work together to produce a paradise of happiness. Where unity is the norm yet uniqueness is encouraged. Where artists freely communicate with the unknown to create inspiring art. Where planet Earth lights up the universe as a beacon of hope, indicating to other life forms out there that love is possible. Where the human race has finally got it right. Has finally understood the cosmic message. The message that all of those historic spiritual influencers like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Mohammed were apparently attempting to translate but were misinterpreted into religions and silly cults. The message that you already know but are too afraid to admit it. To express it. To scream it out loud so that the moon can hear it. You’re thinking about it now, so there’s no need for me to type it. Find the others!


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