Dancing With Love

Loving someone is like dancing to a song. When you love someone, let them know, say, ‘you are so divine I cannot help but want to take your hand and experience this song together.’ But for some reason, we shy away from love as one might shy away from a dance, for we are too worried about what may happen or what someone may think and so we never truly get to express ourselves and experience its beautiful melodies. You miss an opportunity, a chance to connect with someone on such a level that you see through the illusory identity and witness the real self behind the act that is being portrayed. You interlock fingers and feel the way they move, two forms of energy dancing together to a drum beat of vibrations in which existence is in a consistent state of. So a feeling of complete ecstasy occurs in which we recognise as love. If this happens to you, just dance. Flow with the music and let it take you on a voyage so wonderfully intrinsic, it can only be experienced and explored spontaneously.

The cosmic energy expressed through the love of two human beings is indescribable. Love will take you to places so beautiful that any attempt to use words to describe what you are feeling will do it no justice. It is a divine experience, a universal feeling of completion for you have found yourself in someone else; even death cannot silence it. Poetry seems to be the closest humans have come to expressing love through the use of words, and still, it is not strong enough to contain this powerful force and bring it down to a level in which we can use one of our human-made tools, such as language to convey its meaning. And as you dance to music, the song has different patterns and rhythms in which express different sounds, some more pleasing than the other, but it is still part of the same song. Therefore, like love, you will have parts in which it surely seems that the love has changed but that’s just part of the same song, and there’s nothing you should do except to continue dancing.

If you’re in love, I advise you to stop trying to dissect and question it for it is not something we can explain, we can only experience. So take one’s hand and dance while the song is being played, but when the song ends, and the dance is over, it is best to let go.


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