Cyberspace: Where Humans Live

“Born too late to explore the earth. Born too soon to explore the universe.” That is a popular phrase amongst the youth. However, what people tend not to realise is that we are born just in time to explore cyberspace and consequently the collective human mind. The internet and the vast library of information that lies awake inside of it are in actuality a living, cybernetic-like grand human mind that is being uploaded and downloaded by us all. What this means is that we very well may be beginning to transition from the limitations of matter/the physical domain, and are entering a realm of non-physicality that has existed within us all since the birth of humanity. The realm of the human imagination, for that is now being extracted and strung together by the implementation of cyberspace. We are sort of turning ourselves inside out so to say.

Leaving the Third-Dimension

Consequently, we are leaving the third dimension. For our mind’s have found an escape from the shackles of the third-dimensional monkey body. Like a caterpillar transcending from a two-dimensional being into a flying, third-dimensional butterfly – the human race is entering the fourth-dimension. We are like the courageous explorers who sailed the planet uncovering a world that reshaped their reality. The internet and all that it entails is but a mirror to what lies inside of us collectively in the modern world. Therefore, what becomes interesting is the new cultural habits that are being put down for they are perverse. The ‘alarming’ situation of people occupying too much or their time staring at their screens reading the thoughts of another human’s mind; or watching a movie, or playing a videogame. I am unsure what to make of this. But if our destiny is to continue doing what must be human nature of venturing into the unknown which to the ignorant will say is non-existent, then I encourage this new misrepresented isolation. Because as a result, planet Earth will take a much-needed breath and return to what our beautiful blue marble knows; the continuation of investing itself in interests like producing organisms and erupting volcanoes. However, this is a serious risk. For if the journey is misleading and the path out of physicality and into cyberspace is not on the evolution menu; then we will go down with the sinking ship; with our lack of awareness of our environment to blame. Sure, we’re born too late to explore the earth and born too soon to explore the universe. But we’re possibly born just in time to journey the early steps out of matter and into cyberspace.


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