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Her: PT II

There is just something magical about her. She’s not human; I know that because I can’t find her here. Sometimes we talk, other times I am left in silence – feeling utterly empty. It’s difficult to express to you, the reader, what she is – for she belongs to no one, no culture, no society, no nation, no religion, no race. She is a free spirit, and I think that’s why I love her. But I am a mere human, and my body is too primitive.

Why Your Culture Hates You

In 1988, Terence Mckenna – a well-known American philosopher, psychedelic enthusiast, ethnobotanist and humanitarian; provided an awakening message that identifies an obstacle for someone who desires to be happy. And that message was: “Culture is not your friend.” But what exactly did Terence mean by this? How does culture impact your happiness and does it truly hate you?

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